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Metal replacement of spare parts with 3D printed high-end engineering polymers

  • Creative advanced engineering simulations
  • Additive manufacturing (AM) solutions
  • Metal replacement with high-end engineering polymers
  • Creation of a spare parts ecosystem and training
  • South African-based additive manufacturing (AM) ecosystem development

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The key components of OEE measurement are machine availability, asset performance and quality. With the replacement of metal parts with super polymers, your company will experience a significant reduction in the unnecessary failure of components and systems that impacts availability and performance.

Localisation and on-demand supply of spare parts

Imported components have a long lead time, leading to an increase in working capital to safeguard against breakdowns and unexpected failures. With Elogium, components are digitised and managed in your e-warehouse. Components can be printed and supplied on-demand, close to the point of consumption.

Innovative partnership with international leaders

Elogium prides itself on providing world-class, innovative solutions to customers to improve their operability. Elogium has partnered with a world leader in the 3D printing super engineered polymer spare parts to replace metal parts and we are excited to bring this cutting edge technology to companies in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Problems we can help you solve

High maintenance costs

The low availability of spare parts due to long lead times can lead to high inventory and material costs for manufacturers. The indirect cost is the wasted time of artisans and the reduction in production due to extended downtime. Elogium can design and produce on-demand additive printed parts.

OEE measurement below required expectation

We know that machine availability and performance need to be managed diligently to ensure that your OEE figure stays at the required level. Unnecessary failures or poorly designed  components can have a negative impact on OEE figures. Avoid that with Elogium’s metal replacement services to re-design spares to ensure that availability and performance of your assets improve.

Unnecessary component failures

Components continue to fail outside of the planned maintenance schedules and increase the breakdown frequencies. With Elogium, 3D printed spare parts can be redesigned to eliminate the failures. The new designs can be simulated and measured by us to reach optimal working conditions, prior to the approval of the part being printed and will highlight possible component failures without the parts creating a breakdown when installed in the plant.

Unavailability of spare parts for end-of-life equipment

Asset redundancy caused by unavailability of spares at end of life of assets isn’t a problem with Elogium. The spare parts can be re-created and even improved to prolong the life of assets and reduce the unnecessary capital expenditure.


Improving Operability
through Innovation


Our aim is that our additive manufacturing process (3D printing) will improve your plant efficiency.

Our mission is to create partnerships with companies that require innovative solutions.

Stronger, more reliable, high-end components

Save costs on maintenance, energy, and time

Localised component creation and design

Highly innovative designs and solutions

Roboze printers

The most accurate 3D printers in the world

ARGO 350

ARGO 500

ARGO 1000



Available materials

These are some of the key materials that Elogium specialises in and are available to order.





Functional Nylon



Strong ABS




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